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The budget will be determined by the project scope. We will provide a break down of cost associated with your project prior to signing a contract, and after receiving a retainer fee for the design proposal.

1) How do you determine the budget for a project, and how do you ensure cost transparency throughout the process?

We provide our clients with a client dashboard that will be updated on a regular basis based on project scope. We will also communicate via email and phone as needed. Our clients can always reach us directly with questions.

2) How often will you communicate project updates? How can I easily reach you with questions or concerns?

This depends again on the project scope and time of year for your project, but we will provide a detailed timeline once we've finalized the design.

 3) How long does a typical remodeling project take from start to finish? 

We don't have a particular design style or aesthetic that we prefer. We will accommodate all design preferences.

 4) What is your design style or aesthetic? Can you accommodate different design preferences?

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